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Sylvia M. Medina

Role in Green Kids:

President and Founder of Green Kids Club, Inc.

Primary Author, Creative Director

Environmental Engineer & Scientist

Ms. Medina is the President and Creative Director of the Green Kids Club.  Sylvia has spent her career focused on environmental issues.

Sylvia Medina is an environmental engineer by trade. Watching kids TV shows while her children were infants, made her realize that there did not appear to be much about environmental stewardship and ecosystem management for interactions with animals and people. 

The idea came to her at about 1:30 am one morning while rocking her baby girl to sleep; she was going to create stories and products that teach children about the environment and the world around them. Sylvia joined forces with the Saige, Peggy, Joy, and Susan to share her knowledge and teach environmental stewardship. 

When she had twins, she became aware that she truly wanted her children to grow up with an environmental conscience and an understanding of the basics of environmental stewardship. With this in mind, she started developing the “Green Kids Club” concept which would help her children learn early the environmental habits they could share with others.

As Ms. Medina developed the Green Kids idea, she has brought in additional team members to help develop the stories, research, and illustrate the children’s books which are the first phase of the Green Kids Club. 

As the Green Kids Club progress, Ms. Medina and her team plan to build upon the concept by developing an actual Green Kids Club, where children can participate and learn to implement environmental processes learned from ideas from Green Kids and/or on their own. This is what Ms. Medina and her team hope to accomplish from this project; teach children as they grow up to be environmental stewards of this world and preserve and live responsibility in our world.

joyeaglesmJoy Eagle

Role in Green Kids:


Joy Eagle has always been drawing, as a child she found that she could improve her grades if she included pictures. She was in the Argonne/INL drafting group for nearly 30 years, starting as a draftsman and advancing to drafting manager. 

Upon retiring, she returned to fine art with the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho. Joy finds her 4 children and 5 grand kids to be amazing and wishes they lived closer to Idaho Falls. She led her children's school to second place in an Idaho recycling competition when she was PTO president. 

She is an active member of the Eastern Idaho Chapter of the VMCCA, an old car club. One of the yearly activities for the club is to clean up the roadside at Market Lake. Joy recycles, winterizes her home to save energy and consistently watches for ways to improve her environment.

sageSaige J. Ballock-Dixon, P.E.

Role in Green Kids:

Environmental Technical Lead

Secondary Author

Ms. Ballock-Dixon is a licensed environmental engineer for a local consulting firm. She currently identifies and remediates environmental issues throughout the United States and has integrated environmental stewardship throughout her life and career. 

She hopes the Green Kids message will reach generations throughout the world and teach them the importance of preservation and protection of all of nature’s wonders. 

hinmanpeggysmPeggy Hinman

Role in Green Kids:

Technical Consultant

Peggy lives in Idaho Falls and has been an environmental attorney for many years. She enjoys all the outdoor adventures that Idaho offers, no matter what the season! Peggy has three children and a one-year old grandson. She is excited about introducing her grandson to the big wide world and to the Green Kids.

SophiaSusansmSusan Sofia-McIntire

Role in Green Kids:

Plush Designer

Susan Sofia-McIntire has over 26 years experience in the toy industry, eighteen of which has been spent developing and running her own independent consulting company,  Susan Sofia Development.  Susan started her career at Hasbro,  specializing in the Playskool Baby Division.  Her toys and parent aides have won a Platinum Oppenheim award, and have been featured in Parents Magazine, Right Start catalogs and featured on the Today Show.  

Susan has also developed and shares interest in several design and engineering patents for some of her clients, and some of the world’s major toy companies. Her latest client and patent pending success is the Zen Swaddletm from Nested Bean which received the 2012 Innovation Award at the ABC Juvenile Trade Show in Atlanta.

Developing items for parents and children alike that comfort, protect and educate is Susan’s mission.  She is therefore very proud and honored to be a member of the Green Kids Club Team.  Using imagination and over two hundred globally influenced plush patterns and designs, Susan is creating soft, educational plush animal sculptures to help children grow and learn.

As a mother of two, Susan has first hand knowledge of the needs of parents as well as the importance of a child’s health and education.  The Green Kids Club concept is a natural progression to give back!  She truly supports environmental stewardship.

CastroCarolsmCarol Castro

Role in Green Kids:

English to Spanish Translator

Carol is supporting Green Kids in translating books from English to Spanish. 


Ashley Perez

Role in Green Kids:

Making the books easy readers / Green kids Junior

She is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and has dedicated herself to Early Childhood Education. Ashley has a six year old son and a two year old daughter. She is happy to be able to introduce them to environmental awareness in such a fun way.



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JACK HANNA Has Endorsed "The Grizzly Ghost Bear," the most recent book published by Green Kids Club, Inc.


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I founded the Green Kids Club to teach young children the importance of environmental stewardship through picture books. The series was developed as a utility to teach children the importance of protecting habitats to sustain ecosystems, animal life and ultimately human life.  

Difficult environmental issues that impact animals and human interaction are brought into the story lines.  Examples include habitat encroachment, poaching, extinction.


Our books and products are sold online and in select bricks and mortal retail outlets including museum shops, nature center and park gift stores, book stores and toy stores.


Forty-two percent of children in the United States more than 30 million live in low-income households. Most of these children have no age-appropriate books at home, and the classrooms and programs they attend are woefully under-resourced. 

Approximately two-thirds of these schools and programs cannot afford to buy books at retail prices. (FirstBook.org)

Through our partnership with the highly respected nonprofit First Book, you can make a charitable contribution of copies of our books to kids in need throughout North America.

Feel free to contact me to explore how we might work together to pursue environmental education for our children.

Thank you!

Sylvia Medina

Founder, President, CEO & Creative Director

Green Kids Club, Inc.

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